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 Clan Ranks

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Master Blaze

Master Blaze

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Clan Ranks   Empty
PostSubject: Clan Ranks    Clan Ranks   EmptyFri Jan 07, 2011 6:44 am

Aura Gaurdian: Destructoino, cool1999, Kacochu, L2000
Black Platinum Champion: Reshiram
Diamond Champion : Destructoino
Gold Champion :
Shiny Champion : L2000, totojoe158, Rekuyukai
Champion : cool1999, Kacochu, Trainer Asim, moaz2, Marc Ustari, PiplupPower
Aura Trainer : Brian01
Ace Trainer : InsaneCrusad
Trainer: M4X13, flame fan, ix3cake, SabakuKyou, Shyana, Alfatic
Rookie :howabout, Amulet Leon, will123123, MetalDaddy, Steelux, kazikun15

Leader Ranks:
Leader: Destructoino
Deputy Leader: Kacochu, cool1999, L2000

Special Ranks:
Officer: charlize
Deputy Officer :

Leader/Deputy Leader's usernames on this forum:
cool1999=(does not have an account on this forum)

Mini-Mods's (non deputy leader moderators) Usernames on our forum
PiplupPower=Master Blaze

Clan Allies: None
Clan Enemies: None
If You Name Is Not here Tell Me
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Clan Ranks
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